Policy Issues

On Government Accountability: Strengthen budget oversight

Poor oversight in current legislature resulted in millions of over-spent on budget, including Crisis Stabilization Center (2.6 millions over in Phase 1), County Jail and Public Defender’s Office (4.6millions over); Elected officials raising salary for themselves while laying off government employees


On Taxes: Fight for lower sales tax and no clothing tax; 

Dutchess has higher sales tax than Westchester, and County has an opportunity to exempt clothing tax-NONE WAS DONE. 

Sales tax revenue did not return to Wappinger, but went to Molinaro’s “discretionary fund” budget item


On Jobs: “connect globally, thrive locally” 

Protect civil service workers in the government and utilizing local resources for outside investment


On Communication

Monthly or bimonthly town hall meeting to listen to residents about their concerns and bring them back to the County Legislature or administration


On Environment: Modernizing Incinerator, or shutting it down  

Protecting our seniors and children. Getting funding and work with town Supervisor to solve our sewage issue in Wappinger



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