1199 SEIU Endorses Philip Du for Dutchess County Legislator

Who left the fox in charge of the hen house?

I am running for Dutchess County Legislator because I believe in honest, responsible government that is transparent and accountable. Our County Legislature is the policy-making and appropriating body of County Government. It has the power to levy taxes, adopt the County budget, make appropriations, and adopt local laws subject to approval by the County Executive. This is a responsibility I take very seriously.

It’s not fair to the working tax-payers that the budget for County Executive’s office has tripled in size to over $1.446 billion. That’s just to pay the Executive and his staff! I will be a legislator that takes a proactive approach to governing by examining the County budget and not just rubber stamping it. I will take issue and hold my colleagues accountable for cost overruns on projects like the County Stabilization Center which is $2.3 Million over budget. This is unacceptable!

I hope that we can all do our part to create the government that best represents our interest. Our chance to do that is on election day November 5th. This year for the first time ever, we can vote early on October 26 - November 3. This includes two weekends! Can I count on your vote?

Victory Fund Endorses Philip Du for County Legislature - A Statement from Former Mayor of Houston Annise Parker


Victory Fund Endorses Philip Du for County Legislature

A Statement from Former Mayor of Houston Annise Parker

WAPPINGERS FALLS, NY - Annise Parker, the former Mayor of Houston, Texas and also the President and CEO of LGBTQ Victory Fund issued the following statement to endorse Philip Du for Dutchess County Legislature today:

“LGBTQ Victory Fund is pleased to endorse Philip Du for Dutchess County Legislature District 15 from Town of Wappinger, New York. Philip’s commitment to smart public policy that addresses the real concerns of constituents makes him the best candidate for the people in Wappinger. When he wins in November, Philip will become a vital voice for LGBTQ community and bring in a new vision in the County Legislature.”

“This is such a great honor.​” said Philip.“​ This campaign has been an uphill battle in a county that has traditionally been a conservative stronghold. Along the way, I have spoken to hundreds of voters who have consistently told me in one way or another that they are tired of Trump and his local allies who only talk and give big speeches but do not deliver.”

The disabled US Army veteran has been talking to voters about his new vision of stronger fiscal oversight, and sensible development. He wants to ensure taxpayers are getting quality service for the amount of taxes they have paid.


LGBTQ Victory Fund
The LGBTQ Victory Fund works to change the face and voice of America’s politics and achieve equality for LGBT Americans by increasing the number of openly LGBT elected officials at all levels of government.

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County Legislature Candidate to Donate Salaries to Veterans Organizations

Hudson Valley Hornet, July 5, 2019

    WAPPINGERS FALLS, NY– Philip Du, candidate for Dutchess County Legislature District 15 (Wappinger) announced on Monday that when elected, he will be donating his first and last months’ salary to veterans organizations.

    Du stated that his decision was spurred by the County Legislature’s vote on June 10th to raise salaries for all County elected officials, including themselves.

    “This is another great example of poor oversight and the rubber stamp culture in our current County Legislature,” said Du. “Millions of dollars in construction mistakes were made between the new Public Defender’s office and the Stabilization Center. And now they are giving themselves a raise? These are not Wall Street corporate executives running our county. This is the people’s government.”

    The County Legislature approved a raise of 3% per year for all County elected officials. That comes to 6% for legislators over a two-year term and 12.5% over the four year terms of the County Executive, County Clerk, Comptroller and Sheriff.

   “People in Dutchess County who are receiving Social Security or veteran benefits get far smaller increases to adjust for inflation every year. Our elected officials do not deserve bigger raises than our seniors living on a fixed income,” Du said. “As a disabled veteran, I have seen many brothers and sisters that are still struggling with physical, mental and financial difficulties every time I visit Castle Point hospital. It really bothers me and that’s why we need change in the Legislature.”

    Philip Du also plans to opt-out of any county medical and dental coverage after taking office given his service-connected disabilities has been covered by VA which will be additional savings to the taxpayer.

    “Serving Wappinger in the Legislature shall be an honor and privilege, and not a job.” Du said.

About Philip Du- Philip Du graduated from Arizona State University with BA in education and MPA from John Jay College of Criminal Justice. He served in the US Army from 2013-2016 and was medically retired from West Point. He currently works to help veterans filing VA benefits and also volunteer at a local church as a vestry member.